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Senora Sadows Classe de Espanol

Famous Spanish People
Pictures Of Spanish People
What Were Learning
21 Spanish Speaking Countries

Pictures Of Spanish People

There Biographies are on a different page

    Carlos Mencia Was Born In Honduras

Manny Ramirez is a Baseball Player For The Best Team Ever

This is Gerge Lopez. He's Mexican

This is Pedro Martinez back in the good
days when he played for the sox

Theres alot of famous people in America (Mainly Baseball Players) that come from spanish speaking countries. There's even more that aren't famous, so it's imporant that people learn the spanish culture and language so we can communicate with people that can't speak spanish. It's also important that people from spanish speaking countries learn english so they can communicate with people who can't speak spanish. Mrs. Sadow teaching spanish opens our eyes to the spanish world around us and teaches us the language, which if the population of spanish people continues to grow like it has, this class wil help us all out alot.

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